Be Receptive
Traditional, yet contemporary — perfect for the fast-paced world of today.
Dharma Yoga is an efficient way to achieve your yoga goals with practices that fit to all. Join us for practice today — classes from beginner to advanced.
"Sri Dharma is amazing - he always pushes me to my limit. I've been so inspired by his teachings and my life has totally changed as a result. I've become healthier on the inside and out since starting to practice Dharma Yoga."
Allé K
Supercharge your yoga practice
Practice anywhere, anytime. Practice using our mobile app or simply use your computer or TV. Take it anywhere with an internet connection.
Be receptive and experience deep healing.
Kimberly Robinson
Absolutely the Best Teacher of Yoga! Truly has a great Master Class & his Sincerity & Love of Dharma Yoga Teachings shine through.
Tara Thailand
Connect with a true yoga master that can guide you through the path of enlightenment because he has actually done it. Classes are strong and incorporate breathing, chanting, and other techniques to increase spiritual awareness with a side of humour. Best teacher around.
Juna Bobby
Love Dharma Yoga for inspiration and meditation. True yoga for mind and body.
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